Prince Frederick Adventist Church

Celebrating the difference God makes in our lives

Welcome to Our Website!

Please bear with us: we just launched our new website and it is still very much under construction!  Just keep your hard hat on and don't push too hard on anything that is shaky and you should be O.K.!  We hope to have everything up and running properly soon.

At the Prince Frederick Adventist Church, we believe that faith should make a difference in our everyday lives—in raising our children, in relating to others, in making decisions about time, resources, influence, responsibilities, etc...

We enjoy studying the Bible because it is full of wisdom and offers amazing answers to the important questions that people of different faiths, cultures, nationalities, educational backgrounds and economic levels ask in every generation. We also love God's Word because through it, He reveals Himself to us!

We respond to God's deep love for us by reaching out to others who, like us, are searching for a better and more meaningful life.

If we can be a blessing to you, please let us know how.  Or if you would like, join us for one of our special events or one of our services.  We hope to see you soon!
I──Marcel Pichot, Former Pastor 
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